Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon Tea Menu


1 item selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $9.50 per guest

2 items selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $15.00 per guest

Savoury Items

Beef Stroganoff pie

Chorizo and caramelised onion wrapped in parmesan pastry with tomato relish

Cornbread muffin with red onions and cheese (v)

Finger sandwiches – ½ beetroot hummus, silverside and sauerkraut (df) & ½ cream cheese, cucumber and red pepper

Fried polenta topped with smoked chicken and avocado red pepper salsa (gf,df)

Herb and cheese scone with butter on the side (v)

House sausage roll with tomato relish

Mini croissant filled with bacon, braised onion and brie

Mixed roasted vegetable and cheese pinwheel scone with chargrilled vegetable relish (v)

Mushroom arancini with a mozzarella centre (v)

Roasted red pepper and feta muffin (v)

Rocket, thyme braised onion & goat feta mini quiche (v)

Sausage roll – Pork, apricot and sage with spiced plum sauce

Sesame seed bagel with avocado & apricot chutney filling

Slow braised lamb shoulder empanada with mint sauce

Spinach pesto tortilla with cream cheese & roast asparagus filling (v)

Spinach roulade filled with whipped ricotta, toasted walnuts and sundried tomato relish (v,gf)

Spinach, courgette, kransky sausage, red pepper and parmesan frittata with tomato relish (gf)

Sweet Items

Anzac slice with dark chocolate topping (v)

Assorted Cronuts (croissant-doughnuts) – White  Chocolate glaze with sliced almonds/ Dark Choc with peanuts (v)

Assortment of mini beignets – Red fruits, caramel, hazelnut, chocolate and apple (2pp) (v)

Black forest brownie (v)

Christmas cupcake – Nutmeg vanilla cupcake topped with Chantilly cream fold with mince candied cherries (v)

Chunky fruit with picks served with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces (v, gf)

Cookies of the day (v)

Cranberry almond oat muffin (v)

Cranberry and cream cheese muffin (v)

Ginger and date muffin (v)

Individual house made granola cups layered with yoghurt and berry compote (v)

Lemonade scones served with jam and Chantilly cream (v)

Mini Fruit Mince Pie

Raspberry and white chocolate scones (v)

Strawberry cheesecake slice (v)

Sweetened coconut pinwheel scone (v)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platters

Small $25.00 serves 5 guests

Medium $45.00 serves 10 guests

Large $65.00 serves 15 guests

Please note all pricing excludes GST