Light Lunch Menu


4 items selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $22.50 per guest

5 items selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $25.50 per guest

6 items selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $28.50 per guest

Chef’s choice – 3 items $19.50 (savoury/salad, sandwich and sweet)

Sandwiches, Rolls & Wrap Selection

Tomato roll – Smoked ham, cheese, mesclun with grape, almond and feta salsa

Sesame seed roll – Green tomato jalapeno chutney, mesclun, swiss cheese and roasted vegetables (v)

Italian roll – Moroccan spiced beef, cashew red pepper hummus, rocket, swiss cheese and braised onions

Croissant – Red pepper cashew hummus, tomato, rocket, braised onions and sprouts (v)

Sundried tomato tortilla – Silverside, tomato, gherkin, rocket and sweet mustard pickle

Ploughman’s sandwich – Sliced chicken schnitzel, cranberry sauce, mesclun and brie

Other Favourites

Chef’s choice selection of club sandwiches (including vegetarian) (2pp) (df)

Assorted sushi served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger (including vegetarian) (2pp) (gf, df)

Spiced chickpea, kumara, spinach and feta sausage roll with lemon yoghurt (v)

Chicken and chorizo kofta with chipotle mayo (gf, df)

Mini Thai fish cake with sweet chilli sauce

Vegan charcoal bao bun filled with fried sesame tofu and kimchi (vegan)

Rice paper roll filled with hoisin beef, mung beans, red capsicum and coriander with sesame soy dip (gf, df)

Rice paper rolls filled with fried tofu, julienne vegetables and sriracha mayo with soy sauce (v, gf, df)

Orange Thai beef skewers with chilli dipping sauce (gf, df)

Spiced lamb and sultana empanada with lemon yoghurt

Yorkshire puddings filled with peppered beef, braised onion and horseradish cream

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platters

Small $25.00 serves 5 guests

Medium $45.00 serves 10 guests

Large $65.00 serves 15 guests


Beetroot, dill cucumber, almond, feta and mesclun with raspberry vinaigrette (v, gf, df)

Sliced beef, carrot, sprouts, fried onions, coriander and rocket with sesame soy dressing (gf, df)

Roast pumpkin, baby spinach, tomato and sliced radish with maple balsamic dressing (vegan, gf, df)

Potato salad tossed in mustard, gherkin and sour cream dressing with bacon bits and spring onion (gf)

Sushi salad – Sushi rice, chicken karaage, slaw, nori and soy sauce (gf, df)

Pies, Quiche & Frittata

Ham, cheese and spring onion mini quiche

Courgette, tomato and feta mini quiche (v)

Mixed vegetable and goat’s cheese mini quiche (v)

Spinach, bacon, tomato and parmesan quiche wedge

Braised steak and cheese pie

Individual shepherd’s pie

Creamy leek and mushroom pie (v)

Spinach, broccoli, beetroot, dill and feta frittata (v, gf)

Potato, spinach, flaked salmon and cream cheese frittata (gf)

Spinach, ham, tomato, red onion and brie frittata with tomato relish (gf)


Plain seasonal fruit skewer (vegan, gf, df)

Chocolate drizzled fruit skewer – Half chocolate and peanut, half white chocolate and freeze dried raspberries (gf)

Afghan biscuit

Raspberry and dark chocolate brownie

Banana cupcake topped with caramel buttercream

Apple crumble slice served with cinnamon mascarpone cream

Whoopie pie with marshmallow buttercream filling

Eclair filled with salted caramel pastry cream drizzled with white chocolate

Rhubarb and almond friand (gf)

Individual toffee loaf served with toffee sauce

Fruit mince oat slice

Orange and nut biscotti

Lemon tart topped with blueberry compote

Please note: Gluten free & all dietary requirements are available on request & may come at an additional cost.

Please note all pricing excludes GST