Breakfast, Morning & Afternoon Tea Menu


1 item selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $10.90 per guest

2 items selected from the below menu with freshly brewed coffee and specialty teas for $17.90 per guest

Savoury Items

House sausage roll with tomato relish (2pp)

Venison, dark ale and aged cheddar pies

Ham, relish, spring onion, cheese pinwheel scones

Panini – Chicken, bacon, onion relish, spinach, brie

Croissant filled with smoked salmon, scrambled egg, cream cheese, chive

Bacon, spinach, cheese, red pepper crumbed potato cakes with chipotle mayo dipping sauce

Finger sandwiches – Ham, egg salad, rocket/Sundried tomato pesto, avocado, tomato, feta, basil

Cheese and herb scones with whipped butter (v)

Roasted cauliflower, thyme, cream cheese mini quiches (v)

English muffins filled with haloumi, pesto, fried egg, red onion, cheddar (v)

Poppy seed bagel – Smashed falafel, hummus, baby spinach, pickled radish, tzatziki (v)

Corn, spinach, red pepper, onion, double cheese muffins with whipped butter on the side (v)

Vegan sausage roll – Chickpea, kumara, vegan feta, spinach, herbs with vegan pesto mayo (vegan)

Sweet Items

Assorted mini Danish pastries (2pp)(v)

Assorted mini Danish pastries 2pp (v)

Pineapple lump slice (v)

Cinnamon donut filled with cream and strawberry compote (v)

Mixed berry and white chocolate muffins with a lemon glaze (v)

Chocolate chunk brownie topped with white chocolate Oreo topping (v)

Eclairs filled with cherry cream topped with dark chocolate and glace cherries (v)

Lemonade scones topped with strawberry jam, whipped cream, strawberry compote (v)

Individual tarts filled with coffee ganache topped with whipped cream and brandy snap shards (v)

Lamingtons – Chocolate, chocolate cream, chocolate shaving/Raspberry, lemon curd cream, toasted coconut (v)

Cookies of the day (v)

Gluten free vanilla cupcake, lemon curd filling topped with passionfruit buttercream (v)(gf)

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (v)(gf)(df)

Plum friands topped with chocolate and almond (v)(gf)(df)

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platters

Small $40.00 serves 5-7 guests

Medium $75.00 serves 10-12 guests

Large $105.00 serves 15-18 guests

Please note all pricing excludes GST